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Facebook is among the best social media app. It’s a platform to share photos, videos and real. Moreover, business, marketing and all kind of content also can be shared on Facebook. Who wishes to avoid having likes and comments on Facebook posts, everyone desires to have thousands of likes and comments on their posts. Indeed, it can be challenging to get thousands of likes on your Facebook posts. When you post a photo or video on Facebook, you get only a few likes; it’s a common problem. The solution to this problem is 1k liker Apk. 1k liver is an application which gives free 1000 like to your post on Facebook. Further, this app is free to download and use.

1k liker review

As I told you, 1k liker is an application that ensures giving auto 1000 likes to any post on Facebook. Moreover, this app is free to download and use. That means you do not have to pay a cent to increase likes on Facebook. Furthermore, this application is very easy to use. Thousands of likes will be generated on your post in just one click.

Additionally, the 1k liker app is specifically designed for Android users of Facebook who wish to have thousands of likes on their posts in just one click. Moreover, this is a free app to download and use. Additionally, because of the simple interface, users will be pro users of this awesome app in less time.

Get Facebook auto liker
Get 1000 of likes

Furthermore, numerous apps offer thousands of likes on Facebook, but these apps need access to your Facebook id. Due to this, user’s data can be stolen, and users’ privacy may be at risk. But, you will not face any problems regarding privacy from this 1k liker because this app is completely reliable and will never let your privacy be stolen. Indeed, 1k liker is safe to use and give your real id, but you can provide a fake id to be safer and secure. There is no need for any skills to use this app because of its simple interface; it’s very easy to use. 1k liker doesn’t need additional files, and this application works on all Android versions. Importantly there is no need for root devices to run this application. It works on any android phone.
Further, this application has no danger or risk to your Facebook id and mobile phone. As I told you,1k liver is free to use and download; therefore, go and download this app from our site and enjoy getting thousands of likes on your Facebook post. Check out the top follow app if you want Instagram followers and like.


  • Auto likes: indeed, this app generates thousands of likes on Facebook posts with just one click; therefore, no need to spend time and money to increase likes
  • Full customization: 1k liker allow its user to send likes to any post on Facebook, free and secure.
  • No risk: As I told you, there is no risk in giving your id; it is safe and secure but always provide a fake id to log in.
  • No root: 1k liker can be downloaded on any android device. It doesn’t need any additional files or a rooted device to work.
  • Takes less time: 1k liker generates like on one click, and users will receive like within a day.
  • Free: most importantly, this application is free of cost to download and use, which means the user has to not pay a cent to gain thousands of likes.
  • Many functions: users can promote old post groups and forums and generate followers.
  • Smooth interface: as I told you, you don’t need any skill to use this application. Indeed, it is very easy to use.
  • Not heavy in size: 1k liker is only 6.7 MB in size. Therefore, any android device can run this application.
  • Supports all visions: this application works on almost every android version. It supports all old and new versions.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is it safe to give a real id on 1k liker Apk?

It is 100% safe to give a real id but always provide a fake one to log in. Why provide a real one when it works with a fake one.

1k liker really works?

Indeed, 1k liker 100% works. Thousands of people have used this application, and it has increased their likes on Facebook posts.

Does 1k liker have privacy risk?

Many auto liker apps have privacy risks, but 1k liker does not have any privacy and security risk. Therefore, it’s safe and secure to use.

Is 1k liker app easy to use?

Indeed, it’s very easy to use 1k liker app and increase likes on Facebook. With just one click, users will get thousands of likes on Facebook.

How to download 

First step: click the download button above on your website and download the 1k liker.

After downloading 1k liker, go to “Unknown Sources” in the settings of your mobile and then go to Security and enable the Security option.

Third step: After downloading 1k liker Apk from Apkdewan, install it from chrome manager.
Fourth step: After that, open the 1k liker app and enjoy this fantastic app.


I hope apkdewan has cleared all your queries about the 1k liker; therefore, download the 1k liker  app and enjoy it. Furthermore, Check out more apps on our site apkdewan.com, download amazing apps, and enjoy.

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