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Temple run is an endless running video game composed by Imangi studios in 2011. This game contains HD graphics, and it is very easy to play. Furthermore, this game has many downloads. Temple run has 4.3 ratings on the apple store and 4.1 ratings in the app store with 500M+ downloads. This game is light and consists of 53 MB.
Moreover, Temple run is the best game to play when bored. In this game you can beat high scores and represent yourself and your country. The highest score for all time is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807, which is unbeatable till now. You can also collect coins by playing the game and watching ads through which you can upgrade many powers and buy characters. Furthermore, this game has no lag, addiction, or other harmful problems. This game contains ads, and by watching those ads, you can collect different rewards.

Furthermore, this game starts by touching the screen, and crazy monsters chase a person. You have to swipe up, down, left, and right, avoid hitting trees, stones and tree roots, and avoid falling into the river. If the character/player hits any obstacles or falls into the river, the game is over; still, you can continue by watching ads. While the player is running, you must collect the coins and rewards available in the game. There are many crazy and funny characters, outfits and skins in the game, which you will get by playing the game. My favorite character is Francisco Montoya, who is very expensive.
Furthermore, this game contains many powers like coin magnet, invisibility double and many more, and use them to score high scores. This game is ten years old and a brilliant game. You can also beat high scores and challenge your friends. Further, this game is an excellent and mind-refreshing match that you can play online and as well you can play it offline. This game has many new versions, but temple runs 1 is the oldest game with HD graphics and also consists of many features.

Main features

HD graphic: This game has no lag problems, high speed, and pleasing colors, built in a single frame (one side)

Never-ending game: temple run is never-ending the game; therefore, it had no winning point or end.

Different characters: There are crazy and expensive characters in the game, so you have to buy the characters of different prizes and play with them.

easy to play: It’s incredibly easy to play this game. The character starts running when we touch the start button in the game. We must jump, slide, and move left and right to avoid hitting tree roots, stones or all in the river.

temple run gameplay

Most asked questions about temple run?

when was this Game released?
It was released on 4 august 2011 by developed and published by Imangi Studios.

what is the temple run with the highest score?
The highest score in temple run is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 or 2^63 – 1, which is unbeaten till now.

Is there winning point in this Game?

As it is a never-ending game, there is no end to the temple run, and the player stops running until the player collides with an obstacle, falls into rivers or is overtaken by demons behind him.

Is their any age limit to play Temple Run?

This game is acceptable for ages five and up. There is some mild violence, but it is not that much. There are some mildly suggestive themes, but nothing too harsh or wrong. Further, There is no danger in playing this game.

What is the size of Temple Run 1?

Temple run1 is off 53.5 MB, so it’s not a so heavy game.

How to download temple run Apk?

First step: click on the download button above/below on your website and download the temple run 1 game, or it is available on the google play store.

After downloading temple run 1, go to “Unknown Sources” in the settings of your mobile and then go to Security and enable the Security option.

Third step: After downloading temple run 1 from APKDEWAN, go to chrome manager and install it.
Fourth step: After that, open temple run 1 and enjoy this fantastic game.


I hope apkdewan.com has cleared all your queries about this fantastic game; therefore, download the fantastic game and enjoy it.

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