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Nowadays, Pubg is the most popular and played online game in the world. Further, pubg has a very high security. . There are many injectors and apps, but most have prohibitions and security issues. If you are looking for a tool or injector to use features pubg and not get banned, you are in the right place. Here we bring an injector that helps you to play pubg mobile like a pro. PPK injector apk is among the best tools/Injectors to play pubg mobile wit. 

PPK Injector Apk review  

As I told you, PPK injector apk is the best injector with which you canplay pubg. Moreover, this apk is free to download. Indeed, pubg has very high graphics and game quality.

Furthermore, this injector works on both root and non-root android devices. This injector is safe and secures to download and play pubg with it. But as I said, pubg has excellent Security and does not allow features to be added. Users can get 10 min to 10 years banned due to the use of injectors and features.  

Moreover, this injector provides many features like: auto headshots, high damage, speed, and many more. Moreover, with the help of this injector, you can play pro pubg players and teach a Leason to your opponent. Click the link above to download the ppk injector app on your mobile devices.  

The main feature of the ppk injector apk  

Free: As I told this injector is safe and free to download and use features on pubg.  

Best features: Further, this injector enables high damage, auto headshots, aim bot, and more.  

Anti-ban: most importantly, this injector has anti-ban feature that helps to play pubg without getting banned.  

Color : ppk injector apk changes the opponent’s color and makes it easy to spot.  

Vehicle : High-speed vehicles and flying cars  

Skin: There is no need to waste money buying skins, and open creates. You can get M416 glacier, Fool, and other skin through this injector.  

Is PPK injector safe to use?  

This injector has an anti-ban feature which helps your account not get banned.  Always use a fake pubg account to use the features and test the app. Further, use data on and off methods to be safe from ban.  


  • Close all background applications, download the injector, and open the tool on your mobile.  
  • After that, you will find a plus sign in the app and add Pubg Mobile.  
  • Always use a fake account to log in.  
  • Further, create a clone of the ppk injector apk the same way before.  
  • Now you have two apps, one in the clone game and one in the ppk injector apk. Further, open the injector and put the password 954548.  
  • Then you will see two menu. Select the manus according to your mobile. If your mobile is non-root, always select the non-root menu.
  • After that, tap on the menu option again; you will see the open pubg option on your screen.    
  • The features are active now. You will find all types of features on the Manu. Apply them and enjoy your game.  

PPK Injector  password


How to download?  

  • First step: click the download button above on your website and download the PPK injector apk.  
  • After downloading the PPK injector apk go to “Unknown Sources” in the settings of your mobile and then go to Security and enable the Security option.  
  • Third step: After downloading the injector apk from Apkdewan, install it from chrome manager.  
  • Fourth step: Open the PPK injector apk and enjoy this great injector.  


I hope apkdewan cleared all queries about the PPK injector app. Therefore, go and download this fantastic tool and apply the features on pubg mobile.   Also check out xenoz ffx injector apk




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