Dog rescue draw puzzle

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Dog rescue draw puzzle is an excellent game. In this game, you must draw a puzzle and protect the dog from the bees for 6 seconds. This game was released in august 2008 and developed by number none. Further, this is a unique and exciting game where you have to save your dog. There are many levels in this game. As you complete a level, you will get coins you can get by watching an ad.
As you know, there are shops in every game, so in this game, there is also a shop through which you can get many expensive and amazing skins. Moreover, this hints if you can’t complete any level. In the dog recuse draw puzzle game, players have to use their minds and draw puzzles to save their dog. Furthermore, there needs to be more ink to draw the puzzles.

dog rescue gameplay

More about dog rescue draw puzzle game.

As you move forward, you will face challenging and mind-blowing levels. Moreover, this game has no lag campaigns, good graphics, no addict problems, and a lot of fun. Further, in this game, players have to concentrate and focus, through which players can make their minds sharp. Indeed, this game is very famous and popular and is played all over the world. It has 3.6 ratings in the play store with more than 10 million downloads. Dog rescue is not too heavy and only needs a little storage. It’s 77 MB, so it will not consume more space; moreover, this game helps you to train your brain effectively, so download the game to save the dog from the hunting bees and relax your mind. Moreover, this game has no problem regarding your brain. And if you are bored, you can play this game to pass your time and freshen your mind.

Main features

Hd graphics

This game consists of HD graphics with no lag complaints and fantastic animation

Mind refreshing game

dog rescue draw puzzle is a mind-refreshing game that you can play and increase your concentration and mind.

No addictions:

this is a fantastic game a child can play. This game has no addiction complaints and doesn’t harm your mind.

Popular game:

this game is trendy and is played worldwide. As I told you before, this game contains more than 10 million downloads in the play store.

Easy to play
Dog rescue draw puzzle is relatively easy to play.

Consume less space
Further, this game is 77 MB, so it no need for more space or a heavy device to play dog rescue draw puzzle.

Most importantly, this unique game is free to download and play. Therefore, you do not have to spend a penny on this game.

Many levels
There are many unique levels. The next level becomes more challenging and exciting as the user completes each level.

There are many unique skins of the dog. You can play games and buy skins from the shop.

Indeed, this game is free of cost, but it shows the same ads when you’re online.

How does play dog rescue draw puzzles?

As I told you, the dog reuse draw puzzle is easy to play. In this game, some bees will try to pinch your dog. You have to draw a puzzle to save the dog from bees. Further, the ink to draw is limited, and there is also a limit for the bees to hurt your dog. As new levels came, it got more complicated.

How to download and install the dog rescue draw puzzle?
First step: click on the download button above/below on your website and download the dog rescue draw puzzle game, or it is available on the google play store.

After downloading the dog rescue draw puzzle, go to “Unknown Sources” in the settings of your mobile and then go to Security and enable the Security option.

Third step: After downloading the dog rescue draw puzzle from Apkzone, install it in chrome manager.
Fourth step: After that, open dog rescue draw puzzle and enjoy this fantastic game


I hope apkdewan has cleared all your queries about dog rescue draws puzzle; therefore, go and download the game and enjoy it.

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